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Infomation for those living in Thailand or Moving to Thailand

Thailand Expat Community is very large and most of them are isolated from each other simply through the lack of computer skills or the lack of knowledge about the resources available to them, this simply could be due to the expat community being mostly older men.

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Why join a Thailand Expat Forum?

Housing In Thailand - You can ask questions on housing, accomodation, condos and long term rentals. You will get lots of advice given to you on the forums. Plenty of people already tried different Thailand accomodation. Housing in Pattaya?

Visas In Thailand - You will require a Visa to stay, you need to find out which one is best and get it sorted before you head to Thailand, then make sure that you are keeping things in order and up to date. You will find useful advice such as making sure you have enough pages left in your passport before you go on a visa run to Cambodia. Please use the forums to ask your Thai Visa related questions.

Thai Language - Having a good grasp of the Thai language will help smooth over a huge amounts of teething problems when making the move. There are lots more benefits than meet the eye, if you know Thai.  An immediate benefit is cheaper prices and less arguements with your partner. Log onto our Learn Thai section.

Transportation In Thailand -  You can get information on buses, trains, taxi's, boats, ferries and motorbike taxis in our Thailand transportation section.

Location - Choosing your location to live in Thailand is very important, you may have a few deciding factors such as costs, friends/family, internet connect, infrastructure and favourite city. But you must do your research to see what city suits you. Check our Regional Forums for information.

Tips and Tricks - Our expat members often start threads inviting people to add, tricks and tips including passing on the local wisdom. Please have a look through the forum for tips on survival in Thailand. You will need it! Their is also a forum dedicated to Pattaya City Resort.

Work In Thailand - If you are seeking work, or planning ahead for a future in Thailand,  the expat forum will give you enough research material to plan ahead. If you don't have the skills you could find some suggestions on what path to follow, such as a TEFL teachers course.

News In Thailand - We have all the latest breaking news hand picked and added to the forum on a daily basis, we also include less important news coming from the mouth of members on the site. We will include all types of Thailand and Pattaya News.


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